Student Ambassador Team


The Student Ambassador Team is an opportunity for students who are passionate, action-oriented and entrepreneurial. As a Student Ambassador, you will spread the entrepreneurial word among the student body, be invited to a host of exciting entrepreneurial events and go on a trip to experience a more developed entrepreneurial environment.

You can become part of the team creating change in your faculty, university and province!

For who?

  • Students at all university campuses across St. John’s
  • Applicants can be from any area of study and any year of study
  • Applicants must exemplify the qualities of a changemaker: passionate, action-oriented and entrepreneurial
  • You do not [we repeat: not!] need a business idea to become an Student Ambassador

What’s in it for you?

  • Connector.


    Build leadership skills and familiarize yourself with the local entrepreneurial environment

  • Connector.


    Get in touch with like-minded students from different faculties and network with influential people in the community

  • Connector.


    Student Ambassadors have a great opportunity to make a large impact on their university and help build a community of innovators and do-ers

Applications are closed for this year. The next round will be accepted in September 2017!

What is it like to be an ambassador?

“As an Ambassador, you are the driving force of entrepreneurship on campus, and that’s pretty cool!”Jan, Computer Science Student

“Being a Student Ambassador helps me believe my dreams aren’t too big”Chelsey, Biology Student

“Being an ambassador has connected me to a community of entrepreneurs and organizations that are always trying to help me succeed.Peter, Business Student