Do you want to start something this semester?

Join the Startup Semester! This mentorship-based program will guide you through the very early stages of your journey as an entrepreneur. You don’t need any experience in entrepreneurship, and you don’t even need an idea. If you do have an idea, we’ll help you define and refine the problem you are solving.

How does it work?

Based on the stage of your own journey or idea, you will be assigned to an “Act” for which we developed a unique startup playbook that will be tailored to your needs. You can move between acts, back and forth, during the semester based on the progression of your idea!

Act 1: Ideation

Don’t have an idea yet? We’ll expose you to different industries, and work with you to find the idea that resonates most with you.

Act 2: Exploration

Have an idea? Great! We’ll help you think through the different aspects and dive deeper in to the problem and its market to eliminate fatal flaws.

Act 3: Validation

Once your problem is more defined, we’ll guide you through the very early market validation stages to assess the potential of the opportunity.

Tailored to you

We know that when you first think of an idea, it seems like an impossible and lonely mountain to climb. That’s why we tailor the program, tasks, and resources to your specific needs. If you want to take three semesters to work through the acts, please do. Want to do it all in one? Also possible!

What will you get out of it?

At a minimum, you will have…

…gone through the process of define a problem and matching idea
…learned about what makes a problem worthy of solving
…made a lot of new connections with other entrepreneurs at MUN

Our goal is for you to have…

…taken the first steps with an idea or solution
…developed a first bare bones version of your product and/or service
…talked to potential customers


You are a student, staff or faculty member of Memorial University
You want to start something and be accountable to it
You don’t feel quite ready to enroll in a structured, intensive program
You have two hours a week available to commit to the program

Not at Memorial or want to validate your idea in depth?
Check out the Evolution Program!