Be your own boss on your next work term!

The Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship (MCE) is – always – looking for applications for a limited number of Entrepreneurial Work Term (EWT) positions.

Job description

We are tempted to leave this section blank as it is completely up to you to decide what your “job” looks like. To help make it more tangible, here is an example of a typical day in the life of an entrepreneurial work term student:

  • Pick your own start-time
  • Get your to-do list ready, and catch up on emails.
  • Speak with customers, mentors or other people in your network.
  • Work on the solution to a problem you are passionate about.
  • Respond to some urgent situation that pops up (and they will).
  • End your 10 hour day with a sense of accomplishment.

Let’s talk about you

This “job” might be for you if:

You like solving problems. You have a need to express your creative ideas, make an impact on the world, or build things and solutions that matter.

You think on your feet. You are hard-working and like learning every day, and figuring things out as you go because no-one has gone there before. When things change or you face obstacles, you know how to roll with the punches.

Above all, you believe you can build something from nothing. And we believe so too.

Let’s talk about us

We’re here to help you do your thing. We have a limited amount of funded EWT positions worth $4,500 for the semester.

Additionally, the following support is available:

  • Each participant (or team) will automatically receive the Early Bird fund ($500) to validate the market potential of their idea;
  • Additional funding of $2,000 if requirements are met;
  • Each team will receive weekly mentorship, and supervision, in addition to support for writing funding applications and other entrepreneurial support program applications;
  • Access to co-working space on and/or outside Memorial campus

Non-technology based ideas: You are required to register for B6049 (Regular course fee).
Technology-based ideas: You can choose between registering for B6049 (Regular course fee) or the Genesis Center Evolution program ($100).

We know you want to apply, this is how:

Submit an Entrepreneurial Work Term (EWT) application by emailing Daan Goossens at – subject line “EWT Application – [Insert Name Here]”.

Application Documents:

  • A fully completed Business Model Canvas
  • A one-pager with your main assumptions (all business opportunities are based on assumptions)
  • A one-minute video pitch
  • A one-page cover letter

There will be two rounds of applications, in order to make decisions on entrepreneurial work terms faster:

[extended deadlines]

  • Round one deadline: June 27th
  • Round two deadline: July 24th

After each round, successful applicants will be invited for an interview after which a funded or unfunded EWT offer will be extended based on the recommendation of the selection committee. Applying in round

If you require assistance with your application, or you are looking to do an EWT down the road, book a meeting with one of us or have a look at the startup semester.

If you miss the application deadlines, you can still complete an EWT but funding is subject to the discretion of the selection committee and an exceptional application.

Frequently Asked Questions

You want to start something, but you don’t have an idea yet?
Think outside the box. Find a real problem and a solution that solves that unique problem. Focus on something you would love to do (because entrepreneurship is never the easiest path so it’s better to make it fun). Also, target something that has the potential to be bigger than NL (and Canada) because this is the ideal time for you to take some risks. Bigger risks equal larger potential rewards.

You’re worried about your start-up failing?
Let’s think about the worst case scenario here: you start a business during an entrepreneurial semester, and the business fails. Your left with a ton of learning and experience and you are back in school, right where you left off. That’s a pretty good worst case scenario. And in the best case… well, that just depends on how big you can dream!