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Daan Goossens

Programs Catalyst, MCE

Book a meeting with me if you are interested in entrepreneurship, want to apply to one of our programs or want to figure out how to move your business forward.

My experience in entrepreneurship? I teach entrepreneurship at MUN and mentor very early stage entrepreneurs. I also founded a food delivery startup making a healthy lunch the most convenient option.

I can advise you on identifying an idea, testing ideas, business models, your next step forward

If you are unsure who to meet with, I am the person to meet with 🙂

Jan Mertlik

Junior Entrepreneur in Residence, MCE
CEO & Founder, Get Coding!

Book a meeting with me if you are looking to get started and want to have a chat with someone who has been there. Or if you just want to chat about your new idea!

My experience in entrepreneurship? I started two companies while being a student at MUN. I have also completed an Entrepreneurship Internship with MCE.

I can advise you on testing ideas and using all resources available to you. I also love listening to the craziest new ideas and brainstorming them!

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