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Although you may feel like starting your own business is a lonely journey, it is absolutely not! We have a vibrant and growing entrepreneurial community at MUN and in the province. This means that no matter what challenges you face in your journey, someone else has already gone through them and can help you navigate hurdles much faster. All you need to do to join this supportive community is engage. Anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship can engage at events, gatherings or on our online slack channel!

Memorial University’s Slack Channel

Do you know Slack? You should. It is one of Canada’s most promising startups, already valued over a billion. Watch this video to learn more.¬†We use slack as a way to keep the entrepreneurial-minded people at MUN connected. We have several channels within our Slack channel for everyone to join including a channel to discuss any business ideas!

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Something for everyone…

Our slack channel is a place for creatives and entrepreneurially minded people to chat, collaborate and get to know each other. We have some specific channels everyone will join as well as some interest-based channels.

All channels with # are clickable so you can jump right to them!


#general: a channel for all things startup and entrepreneurship
#random: our version of the water cooler
#events: all events for each week are posted in this channel
#announcements: a dedicated channel for announcements
#startup-ideas: share an idea and get feedback!


#agritech: Discuss any startups, ideas, interests related to improving agriculture and sustainability.
#appreneur: Discuss any app startups, ideas, interests in here!
#biotech: Discuss biotech startups, ideas and interests. Think healthcare, pharmaceuticals, software, technologies, …
#business2business: Discuss any startups, interests and ideas related to “business to business”; selling software and products to other businesses.
#business2consumer: Discuss any startups, ideas, interests realted to “business to consumer”; selling products and services to the end consumer.
#community-venture: This channel is for those interested in discussing the possibility and ideas for a community venture to give students experience and education in entrepreneurship by actually working in it.
#women: WOMEN (Women of MCE Entrepreneurial Network) is a space for women entrepreneurs to find out about events focused on promoting female entrepreneurship, share ideas, & gain support from other like minded innovators

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