Are you at MUN and want to start a business? Let’s chat!

We can help! We support any students, faculty or staff at Memorial University. It is never too early to come and meet with one of our staff members. We can help you identify problems, ideas, opportunities and tailor support directly to your situation!

Support for all students

Available to anyone interested in entrepreneurship. From people with just an interest and no idea to people who have the next Facebook in their hands.

Entrepreneurial Community

Join our entrepreneurial community offline or in person. Starting your business is not a lonely journey.

Mentorship & Support

We are always ready to help you progress. If you need anything, ask and we will try to make it happen!


We work with entrepreneurial support organizations and prepare you for their programs and services.

You may also qualify for…

Entrepreneurial Work Term

Start a business on your work term and get credit for it! We provide additional support and mentorship so that you can focus on your startup!

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The Startup Semester

Looking to get soomething started? Whether you have an idea not, this program is all about taking action and beginning your journey.

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Funding Programs

We have two small scale funding programs available for entrepreneurs at MUN with up to $2,000 available! Even if you just came up with an idea, we have something for you.

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