About the Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship

The Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship (MCE) is a campus-wide Centre of Memorial University in St. John’s promoting entrepreneurship, supporting students, faculty, and staff in the development of their startup idea and contributing to the development of an attractive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The MCE is the starting point for any MUN student, faculty or staff member interested in entrepreneurship.

“A vibrant entrepreneurial campus in an attractive community (Newfoundland and Labrador) where entrepreneurship is seen as a viable career path”
Our Vision

Our Mandate

We have three core mandates:

  1. Inspire pre-entrepreneurs to try entrepreneurship and create opportunities to involve them in entrepreneurial initiatives and communities.
  2. Invest in the entrepreneurs’ early stage growth and connect them with the right resources at the right time. This includes complementing the work being done by the Genesis Centre and other organizations on the incubation of start-ups in the province.
  3. Co-create a more attractive province for entrepreneurs with other stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Newfoundland and Labrador.


Guiding Principles

All our actions follow five core guiding principles:

  1. Serve entrepreneurs first;
  2. A bias to co-create with other organizations;
  3. Constantly address gaps and foster interconnections throughout the ecosystem;
  4. Use what is available in the ecosystem first and transcend it if necessary;
  5. Use an entrepreneurial approach to all MCE initiatives.